Adobe has moved to scotch widely-reported rumours claiming Creative Suite 4 will ship in October, with Photoshop senior product manager, John Nack, slamming the speculation as being "just made up" in his blog.

"Gizmodo is repeating info found on a site called TG Daily, stating that "Photoshop CS4" (a term that I've never heard anyone from Adobe use publicly) "is expected to be released on October 1." Uhh... expected by whom? And based on what?," he writes.

[A comment on the blog post has linked to a video on YouTube recorded at the Photoshop World Orlando conference, which shows Adobe providing a teaser of what both the presenter calls and slides show as 'Photoshop CS4'. Nack has since replied to say that he wasn't aware of this.]

Nack then moves into the offensive, saying he never said "anything about schedule," adding, "In fact, I never said that any of this stuff is promised to go into any particular version of Photoshop".

He claims the central features of the reports - that Adobe is developing ways to harness the graphics processing unit of computers to accelerate certain image editing functions - is simply a "technology demonstration". However it should be noted that software companies often discuss the features of the a forthcoming release using the term "technology demonstration" to avoid falling foul of US Sarbanes-Oxley anti-fraud legislation, which could force the company to release the new software within 60 days of making the announcement, and prevent them from dropping promised features -- however minor -- in the final release.

"Doesn't matter, though: Someone pulled a date apparently out of thin air, and now everyone who can copy & paste is dutifully repeating it," he says. Nack then argues that the widespread reporting of the incorrect rumour suggests "falling journalistic standards across the board".

In related news, Adobe has released public beta versions of three applications the company is currently developing for release in Creative Suite 4: Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Soundbooth.