Adobe is shipping Photoshop 7.0, its image editor, which now features a paint engine, new customization options and new file-management functions. Photoshop 7.0 runs under Windows XP, as well as earlier versions of the Windows operating system. It is also available for Apple's Mac OS X. The image editor will cost £450 plus VAT. Upgrades cost £99 plus VAT for registered users of earlier versions - and Adobe is offering a training CD with upgrades and new licenses for an introductory period. Image browser
Photoshop's new File Browser automatically creates an image directory of thumbnail views, which is easy to view and sort. The thumbnail images can also be rotated, ranked, and batch renamed. The File Browser also allows users to view image-file information contained on digital cameras. Another new tool is the Healing Brush, designed to provide easier photo-retouching functions. The tool operates similarly to a combination of a smart-cloning tool and a paste command, to help smooth blemishes or bumps on pictures. The new Painting Engine provides effects that were previously available only in Painter software from Adobe's rival Procreate. The Painting Engine enables users to simulate traditional painting techniques. A new Auto Colour function works like Photoshop's existing Auto Contrast and Auto Levels tools. It lets users automate those functions and then refine the image manually. A Scripting Support plug-in lets Photoshop 7.0 users automate repetitive tasks, such as applying commands to multiple documents and automating workflow. It can be downloaded now from the Adobe site. Photoshop 7.0 also incorporates ZoomView technology from Viewpoint, so users can link to a site and deploy images online. Shipping with Photoshop 7.0 is ImageReady 7.0, which supports Web-production tasks involving Web graphics and animation, and integrates with AlterCast – Adobe's image-server software.