Adobe Systems on Friday announced the release of GoLive 9, a new version of its visual Web page editor. GoLive 9 costs £335 plus VAT (or $399 in the US); upgrades from previous versions cost £139 plus VAT ($169).

Previously available in the Creative Suite, GoLive has been dropped in favour of the more popular Dreamweaver. This prompted speculation that GoLive was to be discontinued, a rumour that this new version has firmly squashed.

GoLive 9 is aimed at Web designers and graphic designer who want to create visually sophisticated Web sites using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) without having to tool with HTML code. It features copy-and-paste support from other applications, and integrates with other Adobe products.

Improvements to GoLive 9 include InDesign-like character and pragraph styles; a visual CSS layout window; "Place" command that lets you place images and other content; updated tools designed to match other new Adobe applications; copy and drag integration with InDesign; Universal binary support; simplified site management; and the Publish Server feature which lets you work on multiple pages to push modified content live.

Users of GoLive 6, Creative Suite or Creative Suite 2 are all eligible for upgrade pricing. Users of the Creative Suite Premium products are encouraged to contact Adobe customer service for details.