Adobe offers a free copy of Flex Builder to unemployed developers

If you're a Web developer and you've recently been made redundant, is offering you a free copy of its Flex Builder software to learn while you're unemployed. Flex Builder is an IDE (integrated development environment) offering coding, interface design and debugging tools for Adobe's Flex Web development language. Flex is designed for creating visually-rich Web applications from reusable components created in the MXML mark-up language and ActionScript 3, the scripting language behind Flash.

We spoke to Andrew Shorten, platform evangelist at Adobe, to find out more.

DA: What is Adobe doing?

AS:"The Adobe evangelism team is offering a free copy of Flex Builder to developers who have recently been made unemployed. We've been offering this to people via our blogs, on Twitter, Facebook and encouraging others in the Flash community to spread the word to those who have been affected by the current economic situation."

DA:Is it just for people in the UK?

AS: "No, this is open to anyone -- all they have to do is make contact with an Adobe evangelist, provide some details about their development experience and their most recent employment and we'll provide a free copy of Flex Builder together with links to free online training resources"

DA: Do they have to stop using this free copy of Flex when they get a job?

AS: "Absolutely not! We hope that by learning Flex when they have some time they'll want to continue using Flex when they get back to work. We're continuing to see demand for Flex developers, so hopefully by learning Flex it will help them find a future job opportunity."

Developers interested in taking advantage of this should contact Shorten via email at shorten [at], on Twitter or via his blog.


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