Adobe on Monday announced Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader 2.0 and Adobe Content Server 2.0 for eBooks, two products the company says will offer a more engaging electronic reading experience. Acrobat eBook Reader 2.0 is a free download available now from the Web site. The product is an upgrade to the Glassbook Reader, which Adobe acquired last year, and it is available in English for both Windows and Mac OS platforms. The reader software can read electronic books with pictures, graphics and numerous fonts. The Adobe Content Server 2.0 will be available in English for the Windows platform and allows users to share Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) content. It is marketed toward online book publishers, retailers or distributors and it provides a means for users to package, secure and sell electronic content. In other Adobe news, the company announced the immediate availability of the Japanese version of layout and design application InDesign-J 1.0. It offers support for Japanese text, fonts and grid-based layout. InDesign-J is based on the extensible code base of InDesign. In addition to traditional InDesign features, the Japanese version offers features that support both traditional Japanese and Roman layouts, Japanese typesetting, Japanese fonts, text editing, colour management and output.