Adobe has released an update for its professional page-layout application InDesign, bringing the current version to 2.0.2. The patch addresses several issues regarding compatibility, performance, and printing. Specific changes include: InDesign no longer quits while launching on Mac OS X if AutoProtect is enabled in Norton AntiVirus software. On Mac OS X 10.2.x, Undo and Quit options function correctly after the user drags a file from the Finder or another application over an InDesign document window. Text formatting is discarded when placing Microsoft Excel, Word, and RTF documents if the “Retain Format” option is deselected in the Place dialog box. InDesign no longer interrupts while drawing objects onscreen when the space bar shortcut is used to navigate in a document. Quark column-switchers When generating Adobe PostScript from InDesign (by exporting pages as EPS files, printing to a PostScript printer, or saving as a PostScript file), if the document contains text that interacts with transparency, the size of the PostScript file will be reduced. The InDesign 2.0.2 update requires Adobe InDesign 2.0.1.