Adobe has debuted FrameMaker® 8, its enterprise-level publishing system.

New support for broader file formats including Flash Player compatible .SWF files and 3D allows technical communicators, experts and trainers to enhance static documents with rich media to create more engaging and interactive content, says Adobe. In addition, the company says that integration of XML accelerates the creation, localisation and distribution of content for output across operating systems, devices, and platforms and new Unicode support enables authors to effortlessly publish a single document in multiple languages.

FrameMaker 8 lets technical communicators work in a familiar, style-tagging word processing mode, or in a fully-structured authoring environment optimized for producing XML and SGML. Adobe says that by incorporating accessible authoring tools and ready-made customizable templates, FrameMaker 8 streamlines the technical documentation process. Support for Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) simplifies writing, reviewing, publishing and exchanging topic-oriented information in XML and the creation of DITA maps. Also news are powerful book authoring and layout features, including automatic numbering and cross-references. Another feature enables technical writers to highlight edits made to the text of documents, which is designed to streamline the review process.

Authors can integrate 3D models and rich media contained in compatible SWF files directly into their PDF documents. This enables anyone with Adobe Reader software to view assets such as 3D, video and animation directly within the document. These new features can be leveraged to easily integrate screen recordings, simulations, tutorials, and quizzes created with Captivate 3 software, the latest version of the company's eLearning product.

FrameMaker 8 supports Unicode text encoding, enabling authors to publish technical documentation in multiple languages. Combined with a multilingual dictionary and hyphenation support tools, FrameMaker 8 creates an efficient and flexible environment to manage technical documentation for businesses that need to offer multi-language support.

In conjunction with this announcement, Adobe also introduced FrameMaker Server 8 software, which integrates the printing and PDF publishing features of FrameMaker with server-based applications.

FrameMaker 8 is expected to ship worldwide by the end of July 2007 at an estimated price of £437.11 for Windows and £646 for Solaris. Registered users can upgrade to FrameMaker 8 for an estimated price of £145.36 for Windows and £208.52 for Solaris Unix. Adobe FrameMaker Server 8 is expected to ship in October 2007 at an estimated price of £3,888 and registered users can upgrade for an estimated price of £1,943. All prices exclude VAT.