The final piece of Adobe’s new Creative Suite Production Studio is Audition 2.0. Adobe has added a wide range of new features to Audition, including a new mixing engine.

Audition 2.0’s low-latency mixing engine allows tracks to be mixed on the fly using real-time input monitoring, according to Adobe. It supports the ASIO driver model, allowing a wide range of control hardware to be used. The engine has also been enhanced with on-the-fly punching, automatic delay compensation, improved recording performance, and support for up to 96 live inputs/outputs and unlimited tracks in the Multitrack view.

More video formats are supported, including AVI, MPEG, WMV and QuickTime. Integration with After Effects and Premiere Pro has been improved, with an Edit in Adobe Audition command added and available for any audio clip in those applications.

Other new features include audible scrubbing, a multi-band compressor, an improved user interface, a multi-band compressor and enhanced frequency space editing.

Audition 2.0 costs £245, with upgrades costing £105 plus VAT. It runs under Windows XP.