Adobe Systems on Wednesday took off the wraps on Flex Builder 2 ( for the Mac, a beta version of its development software used to build Flex applications.

Originally created by Macromedia, Flex 2 is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to create 'Rich Internet Applications' (RIAs) based on the ubiquitous Flash technology. Also offered is a beta version of the Flex Builder 2 Eclipse plug-in -- Eclipse is an open-source framework for running RIAs.

Adobe includes dozens of components for user interface, data, security and other features in Flex 2. They've also created a Flex Component Exchange ( where component developers can post the custom components they create.

System requirements call for a PowerPC or Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X v10.4.7 or later. The company expects to release the "final" version of Flex Builder 2 for Mac in early 2007.