Adobe and CU launch anti-piracy campaign

Adobe and Computers Unlimited have kicked off a new anti-piracy campaign aimed at users who may be inadvertently buying unlicensed software. The campaign, Trust Your Source, aims to assist customers attracted to 'bargain' software and sophisticated fakes that the companies say are difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

The Trust Your Source anti-piracy programme is designed offer guidance and advice to both customers and resellers.

Often seen as a victimless crime, both Adobe and CU point to recent high profile cases, highlighted on the Trust Your Source website, where companies have been identified and fined. The British Software Alliance (BSA), a nonprofit anti-piracy trade association representing around 80 high-profile companies, including Adobe, Apple and Microsoft, regularly seeks out those who pirate software.

The BSA claims software piracy negatively impacts software publishers, creates unfair competition for legitimate companies, damages brands through distribution of substandard products, and exposes customers to a range of IT risks including security breaches and data loss.

The ‘Trust Your Source’ campaign highlights the benefits to end-users of buying from an authorised reseller and some of the dangers of not doing so.


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