Adobe has confirmed that future versions of After Effects and Premiere Pro will be native 64-bit applications that run under 64-bit operating systems only.

The company notes that most modern PCs are 64-bit capable: virtually all Intel-based Macintosh systems support 64-bit applications directly, and Windows users may select a 64-bit version of Windows to take advantage of the hardware capabilities. Adobe says that by focusing future Premiere Pro and After Effects development exclusively on 64-bit, it will be able to deliver video professionals the best available performance, including increased editing speed, rapid switching among tools, and faster rendering—all of which give users more time to be creative.

Regarding the timing of the announcement, Adobe says that customers are being notified to provide fair notice of the changes, so they will have time to plan their migration strategy accordingly. Adobe has produced a whitepaper detailing what it believes are the benefits of running its software on a 64-bit OS.

No details on the availability (or non-availability) of future versions of its other Creative Suite products on 32- or 64-bit platforms have been announced.