Adobe has revealed that After Effects 5.0 - exclusively reported on Digit Online yesterday - is the first software tool to integrate Cycore Cult Effects and Atomic Power Evolution plug-ins. The tools include the Shatter tool from Atomic Power's Evolution, which lets users extrude a layer into 3D space and blow it apart. Adobe says that users can create complex shockwave-style explosions and - by animating a force point - users can "paint with an explosive brush" to break up a layer bit-by-bit. Preset shatter maps include bricks, puzzle pieces, and glass. The addition of Cult Effects has let Adobe add in the much mooted vector-paint tools, which let users paint precisely over time. The other addition - fractal noise - simulates organic backgrounds and lets users create fractal-based displacement maps, textures, and maps. Adobe says it will offer support to existing Cycore Cult Effects and Atomic Power Evolution customers through its Web site.