Adobe has finally officially announced InProduction, its print production workflow management tool for Acrobat PDF (Portable Digital Format) files. The package is made up of five toolsets, and can be used independantly or as a bolt-on component for InDesign. The five tools are for preflighting, separation, trim/bleed, colour conversion and in-RIP trapping. The preflighting tool adds profile control to the usual error identification and correction facilities – allowing users to share identical sets of rules. Problems that can be corrected include improper font embedding. The separator tool previews colour separations on-screen, and can map spot colours to process colours or custom colours to specific plates. The trim/bleed tool offers precise control over imageable areas and allows users to edit bleed,trim or art box settings. The colour converter allows batch processing of images to and from LAB, RGB and CMYK colours using ICC profiles. These profiles can also be tagged and untagged within the PDF. Lastly, the in-RIP trapping tool specifies page and regional zone-based trapping parameters – which can then be utilized by a PostScript 3 RIP that supports in-RIP trapping. InProduction will ship for the Mac in the next few months and will cost £599 (excluding VAT), or £450 (excluding VAT) for registered users of Acrobat 4.0. The release follows a number of new additions to Adobe’s online services, which now include subscription-based PDF and/or preflighting services (of which the first ten of each are free).