Following on from last year’s stunning CG-based Anatomy of Pro-Safe campaign, Absolute has once again collaborated with digital creative agency, Agency Republic, to create another 100 per cent 3D campaign for Mercedes-Benz.

The brief this time was to demonstrate the Mercedes GL420’s off-road capabilities. A series of set-piece environments were designed to work along a variable timeline, each one exploring a different aspect of the car’s off-road features.

The car was created from CAD data supplied by the manufacturers and then was rigged to achieve all the possible movements of the real car. The limits of the real car were found during a reference shoot at Mercedes-Benz World on their specially designed off-road track.

The main requirement of the site was that the five different locations could be seamlessly joined together so that the online user can decide the order in which they appear. The key to successfully pulling off this timeline concept was to create a generic start and end point for each sequence so that the sections could be smoothly looped regardless of the order that they are played in. The best solution was to develop both the start and end points as a relatively featureless landscape with static camera moves to limit perspective and distance changes.

The project involved generating and rendering so many different elements that managing logistics became an art in itself. File sizes were huge so everything had to be rendered as separate elements and passes. The entire project required seven week’s work and was composited in Flame.

The 3D car can be seen on the Mercedes GL420 microsite.