mcgarrybowen’s latest campaign for Reebok shows what lengths star athletes will go to for the new Speedwick Performance Tee. Absolute NY perfected Janusz Kaminski’s spot with cosmetic visual effects.

The spot sees hi-profile football teams leave their idyllic sanctuaries with mysterious purpose. They endure deserts, back-country, coastal stretches and urban sprawl to reach their goal – the New York Giants’ stadium.

The hitchhiker scene required extensive effects in order to create the right aesthetic. The Flame team painted a new road to replace the existing one which was too uneven in tone and texture, thus causing an unnecessary distraction. This road change also entailed matting out the car and placing it on top of the new road, smoothing its motion with The Foundry's Kronos plug-in.

The wide shot in the cotton fields needed extra floating cotton. None was shot separately, so Absolute’s team lifted cotton elements from other takes through a combination of rotoscoping, keying, difference mattes and paintwork. The final stadium scene was made to come alive in Flame by adding lights and atmosphere.

Absolute NY’s VFX artist, Nathan Kane, said: "The spot looked stunning already so our main task was to add subtle effects which fitted in seamlessly. The sole objective was to enhance what was already there. We felt adding a bit more atmosphere and movement in certain scenes really helped the overall look of the commercial."

The spot can be seen on the Absolute Web site in the Projects section.