Saatchi and Saatchi’s new Guinness spot for African territories uses a bit of tongue-in-cheek myth-building by suggesting that Guinness’s dark powers might have been harnessed through wild tornadoes. Directed by Stink’s Martin Krejci, the spot relies heavily on some tornado visual effects created by Tom Sparks at Absolute.

The spot opens on blockbuster-style scenes of adventurers hunting tornadoes through wild terrain. One of them drops a gadget into the eye of a twister whilst the rest of the crew operates top-secret equipment to lure the tornado into a mystical machine.

The Hollywood dramatics sharply come to an end as we see a bottle of Guinness plop into place, thus demonstrating the machine’s sole purpose. The spot cuts to a group Guinness-drinkers in a pub, with one of them saying: "Well that’s what I heard, anyway."

The majority of VFX work was dedicated to the tornadoes themselves. After a location shoot in Spain, the crew went to LA for the VFX shoot where they could use a special tornado inducing rig. This rig created 10-foot tornadoes of earth, smoke and flames.

Tom Sparks supervised the shoot to ensure all the necessary angles were shot correctly. Back in London, Tom set about compositing these shots into the live action, making sure they had a grand sense of scale. He also matched the 150 frames-per-second VFX footage to the rest of the edit. All footage was posted at 10-bit HD.