Post house Absolute has helped a girl walk on water for the latest video for indie rockers Editors, Smokers Outside the Hospital Door. The video was directed by noted Icelandic duo, Arni & Kinski.

Lensed by cinematographer Chris Doyle (Rabbit Proof Fence, Lady in the Water), the video centres on a young girl fleeing an ambiguous institution. We follow her escape through the streets of Prague as she’s tracked-down by a man in a white coat.

The girl eventually takes to the river in a rowing boat but has to make one final dash from her pursuer as he approaches on a speed boat. In typical Arni & Kinski style, the girl completes her getaway by magically walking on water.

Absolute says that it was this last walking-on-water sequence that caused the biggest headache in terms of post production. The girl was shot running along a Perspex pontoon. However, the pontoon was a little too submerged, so the girl merely looking like she was running in shallow water.

Using Autodesk's Flame suite, artist Ben Robards had to raise her by a good few inches. This entailed creating clean background plates by completely removing the girl from all relevant shots. Then Robards cut her out and added missing picture information around her feet by taking footage from alternative takes and stills.

Once she’d been composited back into the shot, Robards had to adjust her reflections according to her new positions. He also had to smooth out the wake caused by the pontoon. This shot alone saw Robards work a solid 24-hour stint in order to meet the delivery date.

The video can be seen on the Editors Web site.