Maxon has released a collection of the company’s main professional 3D tools. The Cinema 4D Production Suite includes Cinema 4D XL 6.2, Cinema 4D Net and BodyPaint 3D. Cinema 4D is a full-spec 3D modelling, animation and rendering app that runs on both Windows and Mac. It includes a particle system, multi-targeted inverse kinematics (IK), motion sequencing, non-linear construction history and HyperNURBs (subdicision) modelling. Cinema 4D Net is a network rendering system that can be run through a server and unlimited clients. It even runs on older versions of Windows and Mac OS, which is design to make network rendering cheaper by allowing users to harness outdated machines. BodyPaint 3D also runs on both Windows and Mac OSs. It allows artists to paint directly onto 3D models. Light and shadow can be painted as can colour, bump, specular and diffusion. The Production Suite costs £1,995 including VAT.