An emerging New Zealand-based company is creating flat-panel monitors that can show images in 3D. Deep Video Imaging is the owner of licenses and patents to 3D-monitor technology. By combining the images generated by two overlayed flat-screen panels, its monitors can create 3D images using systems with any of the high-performance video cards available today. Recently on display at IDG's Demo conference, Deep Video Imaging is pursuing a licensing model with monitor and imaging OEMs across the product spectrum. Coming soon
The company is already selling 15-inch development units built by LG/Philips LCD, and is currently pursuing agreements with a number of US and Asian manufacturers. Commercially available units are expected to be available in the first quarter of next year. Target markets include graphic design, 3D modelling, and gaming, but company representatives claim the technology can also be tailored for watches and handheld devices. Company co-founder and executive vice president Gabriel Engel says the technology could potentially scale to combine more than two panels, but the cost of manufacturing made that a difficult business case. Layers
"Technically, it's very tricky to combine the layers. A unique optical stack allows this to happen," Engel says. Company officials claim the addition of 3D, or depth technology, has the ability to dramatically boost the monitor market. The flat-panel market is currently worth £20 billion, and is expected to reach £46 billion by 2005. "We have the capability to double the market," says David Hancock, Deep Video Imaging's president and CEO. During a demonstration with InfoWorld, the company was reticent to give detailed pricing information about the forthcoming units its OEMs will build. Hancock expects, however, that the cost of manufacturing one monitor will be 1.7 times that of a flat-panel display, with prices falling over time and with volume discounts.