Fusion-developer Eyeon has added interviews with the houses behind the special effects in the VFX-driven films and TV shows such as 300 and Battlestar Galactica.

The first piece interviews Screaming Death Monkey's Jeremy Hunt about his work on Zack Snyder's film of Frank Sin City Miller's graphic novel 300. The company worked on three sequences that required matte paintings, sky replacements, set extensions, fire and smoke effects and compositing.

As with Sin City, 300 was almost entirely shot against a bluescreen and then composited with 3D backgrounds and props for an overtly stylized look. The film details the last stand of 300 Spartan warriors against over 100,000 Persian invaders in 400BC, and stars Gerard Butler and Rodrigo Santoro. It hits UK cinemas on March 23.

The second interview talks to Brenda Campbell from Atmosphere, which one a VES Award for its work on the US TV show Battlestar Galactica, which is shown on Sky One in the UK.

The interviews can be read here and here.