Microtek has launched the new high-end Artixscan 2020 scanner, which is the first big step in the company’s intended refocus on the professional market. The A3 scanner is aimed at graphic designers and the pre-press market, and costs £4,199 plus VAT. The Artixscan 2020 is an A3 scanner with a maximum resolution of 2,000-x-2,000 dpi and a 36-bit colour depth. It includes internal SnapTrans templates, which eliminates the need for an external transparency adaptor and can hold up to 16 slides at a time. It can also handle 6-x-9 cm, 35mm and 4-x-5 inch. Another impressive feature of the 2020 is Microtek’s E.D.I.T. technology, which allows transparencies to slide into the scanner in film holders. This allows the light source to scan directly through the media, increasing scan quality. Also included with the scanner is a software bundle that includes a batch scanning facility, DCR colour calibration and an intelligent scanner controller system.