Design striking stencil art for posters
Digital artist Ian Keltie reveals how to composite elements and create a poster that deploys stencilled art to promote your message.

Create amazing sticker art
Fuse an astoundingly unique creative style with die-cut stickers, and you have your very own slap-&-go graffiti playset. Waste shows you how to stick up for yourself.

Compose fantastic images using non-destructive blending
Ilustrator Jason Feeny shows how you can put Photoshop CS3/CS4’s Smart Objects function to good use to composite incredible images.

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Digital artist David Cousens reveals how to develop a sci-fi art sketch in Photoshop using the airbrush and a few nifty tricks.

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Transforming run-of-the-mill stock photos into dreamy, fantastical compositions is easy when you know how.