120 new features for free for Canvas 7

Deneba has released a free update for Canvas, version 7.0.2, that adds over 120 new features and enhancements to the multi-disciplinary design tool. The new functionality is found in two main areas, tools for Web designers and extra features for the print environment. The first group includes a re-engineered Camera Tool for slicing Web graphics to keep download sizes down, automatic deletion of obsolete links, better display of buttons with multiple mouseover events and a GIF/JPEG export engine update that allows horizontal rules of one-pixel high images to be used. Updates to the handing of print-based technologies include a better PowerPoint import filter, enhanced channel masking for painting and grouping objects, and a redesigned Document Layout palette to improved control over multi-layered and multi-page documents. Also, support for pressure sensitive Wacom graphics tablet has been added – as has Illustrator 8 files. File format support has been improved across the board; with PDF opening and saving optimized and older Canvas files able to opened within Microsoft Word. The update can be downloaded for free from the Deneba Web site, or can be ordered on CD for $15 from the site.

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