What 4K monitors will be available for Apple's new Mac Pro?

As the release of the long-awaited new Mac Pro approaches, a range of 4K monitors have emerged. The Mac Pro has support for up to three of the Ultra HD resolution displays (that's four times the resolution of Full HD), so potential Mac Pro customers are likely to be considering which display they'll choose.

Here, we've got a round-up of the 4K displays we've seen so far. We'll update this article as soon as we see more.

We've seen no sign of an Apple-made 4K display, something many have been expecting in the form of an update to its Thunderbolt display.

However, there's still time. With the Mac Pro currently expected this month, Apple may decide to launch a new display to coincide with the Mac Pro's release.

Dell unveiled 24-inch and 32-inch Ultra HD 4K monitors (above and top respectively) with a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution at the beginning of December, with the 32-inch model available to buy now. The smaller 24-inch model is set to ship on 16 December.

The 32in Dell Ultrasharp 4K display has a price tag of £1,980 plus VAT.

Asus's PQ321Q 32in 4K monitor is also available now. It's £4,999, but you can save more than £80 if you shop around.

A 4K Sharp monitor was spotted on Apple's UK Store over the weekend, but was quickly removed from sale. The display, Sharp's PN-K321 4K Ultra HD LED monitor (above), is available to buy elsewhere in the US, though. We can't see it anywhere in the UK yet, but if Apple's accidental leak is anything to go by, we expect it to be available soon.

Sony has a 4K monitor, the PVM-X300 (above) – which was unveiled at the IBC 2013 trade show. Targetted at professional video editors, this broadcast and feature-film quality model has a 10-bit colour depth and a wider range of inputs than the other models we've featured here – but comes with a price tag of £16,299.

NEC has confirmed that it's working on a 4K monitor that would be suitable for use with the Mac Pro, though this won't be available until next year – and we expect Eizo to release one then too (it currently has a 4K display, the DuraVision FDH3601 – but it's aimed at air traffic controllers).

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