Wacom's next Cintiq will have a huge 32-inch screen

This is the 27-inch Cintiq that the new models will replace. Artwork by Sam Gilbey for his review.

Get prepared for the biggest Cintiq yet. Wacom has just released the first details of two new Cintiq Pro models, one of which features a massive 32-inch screen.

The 24- and 32-inch Cintiq Pro models replace the current 27-inch Wacom Cintiq 27QHD, which we reviewed here. The Cintiq Pro range also includes 13- and 16-inch versions, which were released last autumn.

As well as being available in new sizes, the new Cintiq Pro models include other improvements – including the Wacom Pro Pen 2.

Wacom says that the Pro Pen 2 offers four times the accuracy of the Pro Pen used by the Cintiq 27QHD. It also offers four times the pressure sensitivity.

The Pro Pen 2 – and the Cintiq Pro's screens – also uses different technology from the previous pen and screen, so it doesn't needs batteries.

Both the 24- and 32-inch Cintiq Pro have 4K screens with support for 10-bit colour – so can output up to a billion different shades.

Fighting back against Dell

The 24- and 32-inch Cintiq Pro models won't ship until January – which begs the question: why is Wacom announcing them so far in advance. The answer may lie in the Dell Canvas – which should be finally released next month. This offers a comparable set of features to the Cintiq 27QHD – though it's Windows-only – at a much lower cost. So much lower, in fact, that Dell is telling potential customers that they can get two Canvas for the price of the Cintiq 27QHD.

By teasing these new versions, Wacom seems to be attempting to get artists, designers and animators who are tempted by the Canvas to stick with Wacom. And the pricing looks much more in line with Dell's – costing between US$1,999 and $3,299 (£1,550 and £2,550).

But what might matters most is the drawing experience. On specs alone, the new Cintiq Pro models have the edge – 8,096 levels of pressure sensitivity to the Canvas' 2,048 – but we'll reserve judgement until we've had a chance to draw and paint on both devices.

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