Wacom has released a new 24-inch tablet display

A new 24-inch Wacom tablet display would usually be a cause for excitement, but these new models aren't really for you. They don't have the resolution, colour accuracy or pressure sensitivity that designers and artists require.

If you want a new Wacom tablet display with a 24-inch (or 32-inch) screen, you'll have to wait until new Cintiq Pro models appear later this month.

Wacom is describing the new full-HD 24-inch screen as its "new flagship product for business applications and education", and the unit is also expected to be used across the medical sector, specifically in Japan. This new tablet is all about facilitating transactions – business and medical – such as signing agreements, contracts and pulling up enrolment documents and forms. It's a far cry from Wacom's MobileStudio Pro, Cintiq and Intuos models which all are designed with artists, illustrator and designers in mind. 


The new tablet has an HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels) and it comes in two models – one as a pen-only version (DTK-2451) and the pen and touch version (DTH-2452). For comparison, the next Cintiq Pro tablets with have 4K displays with 10-bit colour support (Wacom has made no claims about the business tablets' colour gamut or accuracy).

The business-focussed products will have 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity to the Cintiq Pro's 8,096.

Both models have a hardened cover glass that reduces scratching, glare and provides a surface that feels like paper. The bezel size has been reduced to minimise the phhysical footprint as much as possible, but a new pen holder attaches to either side of the unit.

There is a Kensington security slot to avoid theft at the point of sale, and a pen tether so you won’t lose the pen as easily. DVI video connections support both analog and digital systems, and you can connect to external monitors and projectors with video output.

The new tablet also includes an adjustable stand that inclines from 11 to 73 degrees. There are also standard VESA mounting holes for use with third party arms and stands.

For business

The large screen is designed to support business transactions between customers and clients at counters, or in consulting scenarios, according to Wacom. The wide screen leaves lots of room for writing, annotating and signing documents.

The touch display is designed for adding text, notes or sketches to presentation slides or brainstorming templates. This is helpful for visual teaching and learning. Like other Wacom tablets for creatives, this tablet also has user-customisable ExpressKeys.

For the medical sector

Wacom says healthcare professionals can use the screens for visual explanations in patient consultations, or for including more details in the diagnosis. This can be done by adding notes or sketches to digital records of patients, such as giving examples of x-ray pictures or dental charts.

It’s also designed to capture signatures on screen or obtain informed patient consent, as well as helping day-to-day tasks such as patient registration.

Contracts, forms & documents

Both models support full-sized documents, forms, agreements and contracts, which Wacom says can be signed without shrinking or scrolling. Encryption is included for eSignatures.

Pricing and Availability

The DTK-2451 and DTH-2452 are available now.

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