Wacom launches huge 27-inch Cintiq 27QHD, upgrades Cintiq Companion 2 – updated

The 27-inch version of the Cintiq monitor you can draw directly on will have creatives drooling – while the Cintiq Companion Windows 8.1 tablet gets a performance boost (and can act as a monitor for your computer).


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guecor said: Os x on a touch screen device? Really? Your fanaticism for Apple products reaches ridiculous limits. Windows 8.1 is the best option for this type of devices (Cintiq companion 2).

Ian M said: Comes with a small built in stand, 20 degrees I think. Full stand is sold separately for $400. Looks to be exactly the same as prior Cintiqs.

Ian M said: I bought the first Companion and it's probably the best purchase I've ever made, highly recommended. It's so nice to not have to cart around an Intuos with a loose pen and a laptop while traveling! Now everything fits in the Small Companion case, including a keyboard. I haven't had any scratching problems after a year of use so maybe they've fixed those problems since the 22 came out? My only issue with it is it can get warm on the right side.I've always been an Intuos user, but this 27 QHD is very tempting. I work on 2560x1440 so using past desktop Cintiqs would've been a major downgrade for me. With that resolution finally available in a Cintiq I'll likely spring for it. Using my Intuos is sometimes frustrating after experiencing the Companion. I'll wait to see if there are any major problems first --- looks to be some brush lag in the 27QHD promo video, but that could be a hardware issue. Can't wait to see some feedback on it!

Ian M said: To my great surprise, it's actually $2,800 for the touch version and the standard is $500 less. Much easier on the budget than I'd have guessed. I'm seriously thinking about getting one.

Christopher R said: I can assure you a $4,800 price tag. I can work beautifully on 22-24 inch no complaints ! Wacom is offering a choice in size, you have your 13", 22-24" and now the largest which was previously the 24", now 27".It comes down to your budget, and how large you personally like it !

Christopher R said: The stand I don't like !

Margot said: Ah, but the stand seems a step backwards from the 24". Wonder why.

Margot said: Too big? What's wrong with you people...

Christopher R said: I was expecting a larger version, it's too big for me as well, I'm still extremely happy with mine. What is there goal, one I can lay on to draw. I can't image sweeping my arm on something this big ! You can't rotate it, and the express keys are a remote control, arghh.

bb said: What's the stand going to look like? It all depends on if they changed/improved the stand if I'm going to purchase one.

Daniel Conder said: Too big! I have a 22HDTouch and that is too big!

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