Wacom finally releases an Apple Pencil-style pen

Wacom is releasing a thinner version of its Pro Pen stylus, which may feel familiar to iPad Pro owners – but it's not available everywhere.

The weekend saw the stealth release of a new Wacom stylus with little fanfare, the Pro Pen slim, described by the Japanese graphic tablet giants as the Pro Pen 2 but with "the feel of a thinner brush or pencil". 

The stylus features the same 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity as the Pro Pen 2, but comes 4mm slimmer, which may appease any iPad Pro veterans thinking of switching to Wacom.

Comparisons to the Apple Pencil are to be expected, to the point where you might reasonably wonder if the pen's release was deliberately muted to avoid the fact this is a Wacom stylus remade to be more pencil-like than pen.

Wacom users though should be happy with it, and the Pro Pen slim is compatible with the Cintiq Pro family, Cintiq 16, MobileStudio Pros and the Intuos Pro line. Just note that the product is only on sale in the US so far for $79.95 RRP. We've reached out to Wacom to find out when it will be available in the UK and elsewhere and will update this story with their response.

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