For the growing community of artists and designers that draw directly on touch-sensitive screens such as Wacom's wonderful Cintiq 24HD, workspace is a major factor, and monitor-maker ViewSonic is readying a 32-inch monster.

The company is challenging market leader Wacom, whose largest screens are in the mid 20-inch range but incorporate stronger technology for pen and markup sensitivity. The large ViewSonic display is on show at the Computex trade show in Taiwan. It responded well to drawing motions and different degrees of pressure, but occasionally missed clicks and swipes.

While specifications are still being finalized, it is due to go on sale by the end of August in the US for US$2,999 (a smidge over £1,600). UK pricing and availability has yet to be announced.

"We just started making our own digitizers six months ago," said George Lee, deputy director of the company's consumer electronics division. "This was due to requests from our customers."

The device uses a digital pen, which is rechargeable via a USB cradle and lasts 80 hours per charge. Lee said the monitor will appeal to the traditional graphical market, but it is has also generated interest from companies that use digital contracts, because it can easily capture and save customer signatures digitally.

With this in mind, ViewSonic will market the device at larger companies in industries such as telecommunications, hotels and education.

The company is also showing a smaller, 22-inch pen display that can register both and pen and standard finger gestures – like Wacom's Intuos5 line of tablets - so users can turn to touches and swipes for menu controls, then use a pen for artwork and other finer drawing.