This mini keyboard is designed to sit easily next to your Wacom tablet

Ditch your awkwardly positioned keyboard next to your graphics tablet for this 28-key-plus-dial accessory with all the shortcut keys you need.

If you have a graphics tablet front-and-centre on your desk, where do you put your keyboard? For many of us, the only place we've found to put it so we can quickly get to our most-used keyboard shortcuts – Cmd/Ctrl + X, C, V, S, A, D, and finally W or Q – is for to sit diagonally across the top-left corner of our tablet like some kind of hat at a jaunty angle.

The Delux Designer aims to end this awkwardness by giving you only the half of the keyboard you really use while drawing or doing layouts – plus a dial for zoom, brush sizes, opacity or just to jack up your volume when an absolute banger comes on Spotify.

The unit sits neatly to the left of your tablet – sorry lefties, this first version is just for righties, though Delux Technology has said on its Facebook page that it wants "to get an idea of how many people would be interested in one so we can see if we can make it happen."

The keyboard is made of aluminium, and has mechanical key switches for a responsive, tactile feel (just like our favourite keyboard of the moment, Azio's Retro Classic).

The Delux Designer supports Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Maya, Rhino – plus other 3D and CAD applications. It's been designed to work seamlessly with Wacom tablets, so the dial will adjust brush sizes and keys can swap from pen to eraser, says its creators.

Its makers claim it will increase your productivity by 80% – which is a bold claim, though with no evidence provided.

The only downside we can see with the Delux Designer is that it's still a prototype – though its makers have demoed it at a number of Far East tradeshows. A Kickstarter for the keyboard should be launched by the end of the month, with final units costing around $100 (£70).

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