This iPad stand saves artists from the aches of drawing

The Sketchboard Pro could be the best thing to come out of CES.

The CES conference in Las Vegas is always a big event in the tech calendar, but there isn't much usually in the way of interesting creative announcements. Bar an unveiling of AI holograms by Samsung, this year is much of the same, but we were delighted to finally see a solution to a longstanding problem for digital artists everywhere.

Revealed yesterday at the event was The Sketchboard Pro, an iPad stand designed specifically with artists in mind. Created by a studio of artists at Braintreehouse with a background in shows like Adventure Time and The Simpsons, the stand provides a totally flat drawing surface for a more comfortable creative experience.

Modelled after the traditional illustration sketch boards recognised by anyone who has ever taken a drawing class, the Sketchboard Pro cradles your iPad to create a totally flat drawing surface around the screen. Fold-out legs make it possible to work comfortably at a drawing desk, table, couch, maybe even in bed. 

“We are so excited to show off Sketchboard Pro at CES this year – it was created by artists, for artists,” says JJ Harrison, founder of Braintreehouse and illustrator for hilarious picture book parody A Die Hard Christmas.

“I kept getting pain in my hands and my neck and I knew it was caused by my excessive use of my iPad. After I started using our prototypes in all my work, that pain disappeared. From then on I knew this product was one that we had to share with everyone in our industry.”

Sketchboard Pro recently closed a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $100k and is now available for pre-order for $50. For more information, visit

Note that the stand supports over 28 iPad models including all iPads that support the Apple Pencil except for for the iPad Mini.

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