This camera automatically turns your shots and footage into 3D scenes

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Brand new from Evomotion, the Wunder360 S1 camera allows you to create 3D models, all from the palm of your hand.

Chinese company Evomotion may not be a household name, but the Wunder360 S1 camera could change all that, offering AR/VR creators as it does the chance to make 3D models in-camera without any need for post-production tinkering. In other words, this is 3D modelling of the click and shoot variety.

Such capabilities are made possible by the camera's AI powered image tracking and nifty view-pilot technology, allowing you to capture and model brand new environments. This'll be of big interest to Minecraft users or anyone wanting to make a VR tour guide from their footage, as the below video shows.

Being able to create and upload to the cloud before returning home to the studio ties in with the liberating nature of the camera; that it's pocket-sized and weighs in at a mere 98g will be extra good news to any creators looking to shoot on the trot. We also like the fact it's waterproof, meaning explorers could potentially create aquatic tour guides for VR.

Other features of the Wunder360 S1 include jerk-proof Electronic Image Stabilization, AI smart tracking functionality that recognises the main subject in videos by simulating human habits, and a 'Phantom Clipper' that allows users to capture every part of a motion in 360; ideal for athletes etc who want to analyze their performance.

Spec-wise, the Wunder360 S1 is capable of taking 3k resolution 30fps videos/1080P 60fps videos and 4k resolution photos with its on-board stitching technology implemented on the CEVA-XM4 imaging and vision DSP. This means you can perform actions such as stitching two fish eye images together with just the click of a button.

The depth estimation algorithms it uses meanwhile are based on the latest deep learning technology, making the camera able to estimate accurate depth map from even a single 360 degree footage.

Once depth maps like the one below are generated, the camera's 3D reconstruction engine kicks in and calculates the position of the camera, while drawing the 3D point cloud of the environment. Your 3D models and virtual tours are then created after going through processing.

Prices for the Wunder360 S1 currently start from £98, available to purchase here.

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