Size doesn't matter - but the Phillips 499P9H monitor has one mammoth display

This new monitor from Phillips has one of the biggest displays on the market, equivalent to two 27" displays placed side by side.

There's been a lot of talk about foldable phones and TVs in recent weeks due to CES, giving us a whole load of curvy hardware. While the new Phillips 499P9H monitor may not be foldable, it definitely has one hell of a curve - all 49 inches of it. Yes, you read correctly, and as most high-end monitors max out at 32", clearly Phillips have gone to the next level with this model, which is being aimed at the professional market.

Of course, size isn't the only important thing for designers when it comes to monitors, but the 499P9H - or the Philips 499P9H Brilliance 32:9 SuperWide curved LCD display to use its full name - comes with Dual Quad HD (5120 x 1440) resolution and an output of over 90% of Adobe RGB.

Impressive specs, although there are a lot of monitors which give you pretty much 100% Adobe RGB coverage; while models like the Eizo ColorEdge CG2730 and Lenovo ThinkVision P32u may not be as big, you can depend on them more for colour range in your art. Those aren't 5K models, though, so the 499PH clearly stands tall in the resolution stakes.

Creatives may also like the Multi-View function, allowing them to manage two separate devices at the same time with a single keyboard and mouse.

There's also high-speed USB 3.1 technology and a reversible USB-C connector allowing easy, one-cable docking. Peripherals like notebooks may be plugged directly into the monitor to transfer files and watch videos, and to complete the docking experience, a secure wired connection can be provided to notebooks without any separate cable thanks to the monitor’s built-in RJ45 port.

Plus, if you're not creeped out by that sort of thing, the monitor also includes a pop-up webcam equipped with facial recognition that can be discretely and securely tucked away when not in use.

We know, though, the burning question on your mind - does this mammoth screen tilt? The answer to that is yes, although you may get a bit of arm ache working that way. Perhaps it's time to get a standing desk?

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