Nvidia expands pro graphics card line with Quadro K4000, K2000 & K2000D

Nvidia has fleshed out its range of Quadro workstation-class graphics cards based on its Keplar platform – with the K4000, K2000, K2000D and K600 joining the top-of-the-line K5000 that was launched last year.

Unlike the Quadro K5000, the range is for Windows and Linux workstations only. The K5000 is also available in a version for Apple's Mac Pro – though the Mac Pro isn't available in Europe anymore.

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The cards feature Nvidia's 'next-generation' streaming multiprocessor engine (SMX), which it claims delivers up to 50 per cent faster visualisation performance and twice the compute horsepower of previous-generation products. They boast larger, faster onboard GPU memory tjhat Nvidia says lets designers and animators work with larger models and richer scenes while maintaining smooth interactivity during design, visualisation and simulation.

They support Nvidia's FXAA (fast approximate anti-aliasing) and TXAA (temporal anti-aliasing) technologies for slicker imagery – and can output to up to four displays from a single card.

All the cards are available now.

The Quadro K4000 (above) is a high-end card that delivers high performance for graphics-intensive applications. Has 3GB of onboard memory, multi-monitor support and stereo capability in a single-slot configuration. It costs £829 plus VAT.

The Quadro K2000 is a midrange card that comes with 2GB of onboard memory to hold large models and multi-monitor support. It costs £389 plus VAT.

The similarly priced Quadro K2000D is a variant of the Quadro K2000, with native support for two dual-link DVI display connectors for interfacing with ultra-high-resolution medical imaging displays.

The £149 Quadro K600 is an entry-level card with certifications for leading professional applications such as Maya and 3ds Max. Equipped with 1GB of onboard memory, comes in a low-profile design for uses in smaller chassis.

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