Moleskine's new range of notebooks for artists includes concertina & landscape pages

Moleskine's new Art Collection

Moleskine has launched a fresh range of notebooks and sketchbooks specifically designed for artists and their creative process, including space to draw, sketch, use watercolours, storyboard and compose music. The books come in different sizes, shapes and styles, including a Japanese album with concertina pages.

The new Art Collection celebrates the creative process through an array of weights, sizes and functions, such as blank and lined pages, pages thick enough to withstand using watercolours on both sides, pages with storyboard thumbnails and sketchbooks with concertina pages that you can fold out for more sketching room.

The sketchbooks come with soft and hardcovers with a choice of horizontal and vertical styles, with sizes from small reporter-style pads to the concertina style pages of the Japanese album, ideal if you’re working with pen, pencil, pastels and charcoal for example.

Japanese album

The Watercolour album uses pages designed to withstand strong and damp strokes on both sides, as well as being resistant to eraser use.

Watercolour notebook

There’s also a storyboard notebook with four frames per page. This is ideal for typographers, film makers, animators, or anyone wanting to create a range of rough thumbnail compositions.

Storyboard notebook

Each notebook, album or kit is priced differently, ranging from £7.99 for a landscape sketch album to £32 for the art collection sketching kit. See here for all prices.

To see what paper is used for the different notebooks, and the types of pens, pencils, watercolours and brushes you can use, take a look at the chart below.

Moleskine’s Art Collection launches just months after it announced a new smart pen as the latest addition to its existing Smart Writing Set, which captures all your sketching in real-time straight to a digital format – no need for scanning.

The brand also opened its first cafe in Milan – the first of many in major cities – aimed at providing a space to share creative ideas, exhibit work and create a place to socialise.

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