A mechanical Apple keyboard is now a reality with the Hexgears X-1

Kono's Hexgears X-1 looks likes Apple's Magic Keyboard, but has mechanical switches for a better typing experience – and it works with the Mac, iPads and even Windows PCs.

Creatives have been clamouring for ages now for a mechanical keyboard to use with their Apple product of choice; stepping in to answer their call is Kono, who today launch a Kickstarter campaign for the Hexgears X-1, an ultra-thin high performance mechanical keyboard which is billed as being better than an Apple Magic keyboard.

Apparently 'steeped in American innovation' with a solid aircraft grade aluminium case design based on pioneering supersonic aircraft the Bell X-1, we just like the fact that not only is the Hexgears X-1 mechanical, but it comes with multi-device Bluetooth capabilities, cutting edge RGB lighting technology and low profile Kaihua "Choc" switches.

Switches like these provide direct size, comfort, and press time advantages when compared with larger models. There's also a 3 month battery life, but that sinks down to 4 hours when using the RGB lighting mode.

If interested, you can join the waitlist set up by Kono for their Kickstarter campaign, which launches today July 24th at 4pm; the Hexgears X-1 will set you back with an introductory price of $99.

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