HP ZBook laptops offer power, style and Thunderbolt

HP is attempting to take on Apple's MacBook Pro with a new line that includes the first ultrabook mobile workstation.


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Jack Cool said: Jack Cool Says: I am a business user and always looking for productivity in the office and on the road. Nothing else. I am using my ZBook 15″ now for two weeks as a successor of a 8510w series. In short: It’s a beast having all specs a professional business user needs (I am not in CADCAM or so but do run multiple apps/browsers/VPNs etc in parallel). Upgraded the OS to W8 and you can’t blame HP for MSFTs thinking that a laptop needs a touchscreen alike interface…On the downside, and for €2000 I am allowed to comment on this:- Arrow keys are lined out and relative small. Why couldn’t they keep them a bit separate from the other keys? I need them every second.- The touchpad is 3mm below the surface. Why not at the same level? It will collect dust and dirt. For this price a unibody should be standard- That bloody fan. Keeps running all the time and is really an HP issue. Even when I tilt the PC a bit. Dell can keep it silent and Apple can even do without a fan. Come on HP engineers, do your best…So: Great machine. If it lasts 5 years like the other I will be a happy chap and if they would just take care of the finishing a bit better I would call this the perfect workstation…

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