Hands-on: Dell's Precision M3800 is a 15-inch MacBook Pro competitor with an ultra hi-res touchscreen

This thin, light Dell laptop has a 15.6-inch touchscreen with a native resolution of 3,200 x 1,800.


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Kenny said: It is way better than a macbook pro just do a Google/Youtube search and cry when you see the side by side comparison and speed tests.

cb said: instead of "what are you thinking?" why not say what you are thinking to offhandedly say "hell no!".

Arsk said: add a date, sucker

Mateus Algarve Assunção Mateus said: hell no! what are you thinking?

bshti said: guys do u think its better than Macbook pro?

David Hancock said: I have finally got sent updated drivers from dell, and they have sorted all of my problems. I can now run solidworks 2014

mike brule said: I was going to buy the M3800, to run Solidworks. After seeing your post, I opted to buy the HP Zbook 14.

David Hancock said: I have downgraded to win 7,It does not run using the quadro GPU It hangs when you try and do anything like a sketch,(the program is not responding) I'm having more luck with SW2013, This is from Solidworks: "the workaround is to use the intel graphics whilst we are waiting for the bios update. This will reduce performance however it should enable you to use SolidWorks.Again I must stress that the current setup is not supported by SolidWorks and has not been tested". Solidworks think it will work with the optimus turned off in the bios (you can not do this with the current bios)

Mike Brule said: Why doesn't it run Solidworks?

erwin said: Only thing that is missing is a real docking station or at least thunderbolt. Display Link over USB3 ist not suitable most workstation users. So you end up with the power cable, USB to Ethernet adapter, External Keyboard cable and Display Port cable plugged in. Otherwise no complaints, just works, powerful enough to take SQL Server and Visual Studio 2013, and some virtual machines, no bloatware, took my 1TB Samsung SSD and works at least as well as my former Precision M6600 with a couple of Kilos less in the backpack.

David Hancock said: I have just bought this laptop and to my disappointment it does not run solidworks 2014

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