Datacolor launches SpyderHD calibration suite for videographers & photographers

Datacolor has unveiled a new addition to its display calibration line-up, the SpyderHD. Designed specifically for professional photographers and videographers, the SpyderHD aims to help colour manage photo and video workflows.

The SpyderHD suite, which comes in a fitted metal case (shown below), contains a new Spyder4ELITE HD integrated display calibrator, which is designed to allow photographers and videographers to calibrate their computer, TV or video reference displays to photo and video editing standards. The SpyderWEB mounting system is also included, allowing users to mount the SpyderHD for calibration of screens up to 70in.

In addition to the calibration tools mentioned above, the SpyderHD also includes the 48 colour SpyderCHECKR test chart, as well as the SpyderCUBE for white balance, exposure, back level and highlight references in any lighting condition.

SpyderHD is available now for £299 excluding VAT.


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