Apple has released Mac OS X 10.6.3 for Snow Leopard users.

The 719.23 MB update offers the following enhancements and bug fixes.

* Improve the reliability and compatibility of QuickTime X
* Address compatibility issues with OpenGL-based applications
* Address an issue that causes background message colours to display incorrectly in Mail
* Resolve an issue that prevented files with the # or & characters in their names from opening in Rosetta applications
* Resolve an issue that prevented files from copying to Windows file servers
* Improve performance of Logic Pro 9 and Main Stage 2 when running in 64-bit mode
* Improve sleep and wake reliability when using Bonjour wake on demand
* Address a colour issue in iMovie with HD content
* Improve printing reliability
* Resolve issues with recurring events in iCal when connected to an Exchange server
* Improve the reliability of 3rd party USB input devices
* Fix glowing, stuck, or dark pixels when viewing video from the iMac (Late 2009) built-in iSight camera

Apple iMac

The update can collect diagnostic and usage information from your Mac and send it to Apple for analysis automatically. The information is only collected with your explicit consent, and is submitted anonymously to Apple. the company insists. Apple explains you can choose to send these reports automatically or manually if one of these diagnostic events occurs:

* An application quits unexpectedly
* You choose to force an application to quit
* A system error occurs that requires you to restart your computer

Diagnostic and usage reports may include the following information:

* Details about application or system not responding, application unexpectedly quitting, or kernel panics
* Information about events on your computer (for example, whether a certain function, such as waking your computer, was successful or not)
* Usage information (for example, data about how you use Apple and third-party software, hardware, and services)

Apple adds all reports will contain your computer’s hardware and software specifications, including information about devices connected to your computer and the versions of the operating system and applications you’re using on your computer. You can enhance diagnostic reports by adding additional comments describing your actions when the issue occurred.

Full details of the Mac OS X v10.6.3: Diagnostic and usage data collection update can be found at

The 10.6.3 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Snow Leopard Apple notes.

For detailed information on the update Snow Leopard users can visit

Apple has also updated Mac OS X Server to version 10.6.3 adding general stability improvements as well as specific bug fixes. Full details can be found at