Reports suggest Apple is preparing a pair of new products -- a new version of its LED Cinema Display and a 12-core Mac Pro.

The new 27in LED Cinema Display looks similar to the already existing 24in model. The release date is said to be targeted for June this year.

According to AppleInsider, the new model has been in Apple's labs for some time, but the Mac maker is believed to have been waiting for the price of large LCD panels to reduce before releasing the product.

The new Mac Pro is expected to feature a model with 12 processing cores, using two six-core processors. Apple is likely to use Intel's Xeon chips, specifically the Xeon 5600 Series 'Gulftown' chips, with a total of 12 cores. They will also offer a single processor mode (using the Xeon 3600), with only six cores, but the price will be considerably less. The new Mac Pro is rumoured to be released in June. This follows the annoucement that Dell will be offering six-core Xeon 3600 and 5600 chips in its Precision T3500, T5500 and T7500 workstations. Other vendors offering workstations with six-core cips include Armari and Workstation Specialists.

Although Apple is expected to stick with Xeon processors, it has been claimed that it may combine two of Intel's 3.33 GHz Core i7-980X Extreme Edition chips inside the 12 core Mac Pro. However, this would mean that the Apple would need to change the insides of the Mac Pro in order for it to run on a dual motherboard.