AMD FirePro W8100 graphics card takes on Nvidia's Quadro K5000

With its new FirePro W8100 graphics card, AMD has its sights trained on the popular Nvidia Quadro K5000.

The FirePro W8100 is likely to be priced at around the same as its Nvidia rival – while we haven't the UK price of the W8100 confirmed, it's $2,499 in the US, which works out at around £1,470. You can pick up the K5000 for around £1,300 plus VAT.

The card is aimed at artists, animators and editors working in fields such as modelling and animation, visual effects, motion graphics and video editing.

AMD FirePro W8100 vs Nvidia Quadro K5000

The W8100 has twice the RAM of the K5000 – 8GB to the K5000's 4GB – and AMD says that the W8100's overall performance is much higher.

AMD says that the W8100 delivered 38 times the performance of the K5000 in 'double precision testing' in a synthetic benchmark. We'll have to wait until we get a review sample before we can tell how it compares in real applications such as Maya and Cinema 4D.

The rest of the specs include up to 4.2 TFLOPS of single precision compute performance, and 2.1 TFLOPS double precision compute performance.

AMD says that specialist vendors such as Armari and Scan will be selling workstations featuring four W8100s using the same AMD FirePro Ultra Workstation branding recently created for workstations with four of AMD's most powerful cards, the FirePro W9100.

AMD FirePro W8100 review

We'll be receiving a sample soon and will be publishing a FirePro W8100 review shortly after.

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