Adobe previews Projects Mighty and Napoleon, a digital pen and ruler for the iPad & iPhone

Alongside updating its creative software suite and making it subscription-only, Adobe has used its Max conference to look further into the future. It has showed off some of its early ideas for hardware, which include Project Mighty and Project Napoleon – a digital pen and ruler for iOS devices.

Adobe offered us a glimpse of these ventures into hardware, showing the two devices in action. Both projects were shown connected to an iPad or iPhone using Bluetooth, and work with as yet unreleased apps designed specifically for the hardware, to provide new ways to create illustrations digitally.

Project Mighty, Adobe's 'cloud pen', is pressure sensitive. It has three sides and one button, which is designed to be both stylish and ergonomic. Mighty's button can be used to copy a drawing and paste it elsewhere on your canvas, and the software knows the difference between the pen and your finger, so you can use your finger to erase and use other gestures to quickly carry out various actions. 

Project Napoleon, which Adobe's vice president of experience design joked gets its name because it's a “very short ruler,” is designed to work with Mighty to help draw lines. It creates a digitally projected edge on your iPad that you can use to draw accurate shapes and lines with Mighty, particularly useful for perspective, for example. 

Napoleon has six touch buttons that users can press to project different line and shape styles, including straight and curved lines, circles, squares and angles. 

There's no word yet about when we might see Mighty and Napoleon hit the shelves, as they're both still described as “explorations,” but for now, you can check out Adobe's video demonstration of the projects below. 

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