Bad news - Women in the creative industries still aren't being paid the same as men

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A new survey reveals the gender pay gap in the creative industry is as wide as ever.

The creative industries seem enlightened on the outside, but a harsh truth lays within - women just aren't being paid the right amount.

Proof comes from a new survey published today by SJD Accountants that reveals women earn as much as a quarter less than men in the creative sector. Copywriters and graphic designers for example see pay differences of upwards of 25% between males and females, with men in the creative industry as a whole earning up to 26% more than women in the same roles.

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The survey saw more than a 1,000 contractors questioned and data gathered on their salaries to create a better picture of which sectors are closing the gap and which are still struggling to find parity. Obviously not much has changed despite recent headline stories into BBC salaries and the like, and it's especially surprising considering the creative industry isn't exclusively male heavy. There are also issues of working class representation in the industry to fix - and let's not get started on ethnic diversity.

The good news though is the best design studios are improving diversity in the creative industries, as we examined last year - and there's even networks that help creative pros mentor students from under-represented backgrounds. So it's not all doom and gloom - let's see if next year's survey shows any improvement.

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