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What emerging technologies are you most excited by in 2015?

Frode Skaren“Better ways to send large attachments to emails. ” David Erixon,  founder of Hyper Island and D&AD trustee

David Luepschen“I am fastinated by motion control cranes for stop-motion animation and I’d like to find out more about 3D printing and all the new possibilities which comes with it.” David Luepschen, director, illustrator and animator

Dean Johnson“We’ve been talking about, and using, Oculus Rift for well over a year but we’ll finally see the VR market open up for this and a sea of rival platforms in 2015. With consumers in the driving seat, this amazing technology will go mainstream and the next steps will include additional devices and sensors to control virtual environments in the easiest way possible. It’s an exciting world in there!” Dean Johnson, SVP of Creative Innovation, Brandwidth

Janine Rewell“I illustrated in a few videos for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and got the tablet myself. I've been quite excited about using it as a drawing tablet. The pressure sensitivity is really good, precise and floats nicely so I've started to scribble typographic stuff on the go. Until now I've been limited to my Wacom studio setup but now I can sketch wherever I want with my phone. It's pretty handy on those lazy hangover days when you can't drag yourself out of the bed.” Janine Rewell, illustrator

Janine Rewell“Because of our work in features, we have been producing a lot in stereoscopic 4K. We just got wind that there are some 6K technologies in testing with the new Arri Alexa 65. So that would be a big workflow adjustment." Erin Sarofsky, president, owner and executive creative director, Sarofsky

Chuck Anderson“I’m not a huge tech guy, I really don’t geek out over new gadgets and iPhones and things like that to be totally honest. However, I’d love to get my hands on a drone with my camera in the new year.” Chuck Anderson, artist and designer

Matt Booth“I’m still excited about trying out recent technologies such as 3D printing – I still haven't 3D printed as much as a box. I'm just as excited though about going back to school and learning how to screen print, about letterpress or getting into a workshop and working with a CNC machine. I've been sat at a screen for far too long.” Matt H Booth, designer

“GoPro — I know it’s not mass-customised medicinal genetics (which will be amazing), iBeacons, Rezence, NFC etc — but I’m gagging to see it used well commercially for something that isn’t Go-Pro. Oh and while I’m a big fan of wrist wear that tick, iWatch.” Simon Manchipp, co-founder, SomeOne

“Though 3D printers are not necessarily new, 2015 will be the year more designers and artists grab hold of the new, designer friendly machines being released and start creating amazing things.” Jason White, executive creative director, Leviathan

Radim Malinic“I’ve only just caught up with laser-cutting and 3D printing for some of my recent projects and I am planning to explore the possibilities more. Also, in collaboration with MysteryBox, we have just finished a small VR project, it has proven to be rather tempting platform for future ideas and plans.” Radim Malinic, art director, illustrator and graphic designer

Neil Stevens“3D printing. It is an obvious answer but the possibilities are rather exciting. I like the idea of creating 3D wall prints. Adding depth an dimension to your style would be rather interesting.” Neil Stevens, illustrator

Adam Jenns“We're really looking forward to getting more involved in interactive 3D and immersive technology. Unity, Unreal, Oculus Rift and Leap Motion are just a few of the fun things we're exploring at the moment.” Adam Jenns, owner and MD, Mainframe

“Wearable camera technology because of the viewpoint it offers.” Rebecca Swift, director of creative planning, iStock

Tim Smith“Of course there’s the big news of the smartwatches, the new kids on the block. Having read the Apple Watch WatchKit notes, there’s all sort of possibilities and indeed restrictions that would excite any UI designer. Clearly the small screen real estate means you have to consider every single pixel, and each has to work that little bit harder. There are also battery life restrictions that present interesting UX, navigation and animation challenges.

“Being a part of the auto team at ustwo, of course the in-car HMI – Human Machine Interface – is of huge interest to me. A space that has gained some momentum in the last couple of years and looking very exciting for 2015. I’m itching to get working more in that space, especially as it opens up new paradigms of design considerations that you won’t always come across when designing for devices or the web.

“Then of course there’s the connection of the two -– and everything else! The connected car, the connected home, the connected fridge all joined together with your smartphone, your smartwatch. There’s all sorts of exciting design and behavioural challenges and opportunities there.” Tim Smith, lead designer, ustwo

Mike Sullivan“Whilst not new, online prototyping apps are becoming an essential part of how I work. I’m really excited at what can be achieved and demonstrated for client work. Another technology that I’m looking forward to working with more is iBeacons. The technology enables a smartphone or other device to perform actions when in close proximity to an iBeacon. I have worked on a couple this year but I really want to expand and have a few ideas around football stadia that I’d love to experiment with.

"I'm really interested in new ideas and techniques – so I don't find it a chore to read up. That why makes this job so interesting. There are so many great blogs dedicate to showcasing, curating and promoting content, it’s impossible not to keep up to date.” Mike Sullivan, Mister

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