This hilarious video shows the nightmare of pitching proposals to clients

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Agency ZAK are back at it again, this time poking fun at requests for proposal in a viral new video.

Request for proposal - RFPs to those in the know, and the bane of agency life as creatives aim to get that big pitch with little chance of either success or renumeration as they go head to head with fellow agencies for that lucrative commission.

Any business which has been in that position will probably have traumatic flashbacks if they watch today's newly released World's Worst RFP,  a little short from the those great minds at agency Zulu Alpha Kilo (ZAK). 

The video is an all-too familiar look at all the wrong ways to run an agency pitch, from the sheer number of agencies invited, how clients behave during presentations, and the horror of consulting firms winning out through the dark spectre of 'big data' - having the numbers sure beats creativity in the eyes of less adventurous businesses.

Inspired by post-game media scrums in professional sports, the film opens with the client and the winning and losing agency at a press conference before a throng of reporters. “We fumbled the clicker handoff during the PowerPoint" is one of our favourite lines uttered by the losers.

This isn't the first time ZAK have dipped their toes in comedy commentaries on the industry - in 2015 their Say No to Spec went pretty viral, showing what happens if you ask other professions to work for free.

It still holds true today.

ZAK also put out some hilarious design conference ads this year poking fun at such events. Perhaps we can consider them the SNL of the agency scene? All we need next is a Lonely Island-esque music video.

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