This D&AD campaign celebrates your biggest fan - your mum

In a new campaign for the D&AD, the mums of leading designers, creative directors and other advertising types discuss how proud they are of their children.

It's a promo for this year's D&AD Awards, which has just started its call for entries. The concept for the film is "Your mum. No-one's prouder of you than her. And imagine how proud she'd be if you won a Pencil", says Danny Brooke-Taylor, co-founder of the agency behind it Lucky Generals. Watch it below.

The film starts by asking the mums about naughty things their daughter or son got up as a child, before moving onto them discussing what makes them proud of their children as adults. It finishes with the mum's revealing a limited knowledge of what the D&AD's Pencil Awards are - but they're all aware that their children are very proud of having won one.

It's an unusual approach for a call-to-entries - not focussing on how winning an award might help impress clients, or give you a sense of self-worth, or get you invited to the Bacchanalian orgy that is the Awards ceremony itself (it isn't actually an orgy, obviously, but there were print ads a little over a decade ago that presented it as such).

The film features the mums of creatives from the UK, Spain, Brazil, the US and more. UK-based creatives whose mums took part include Ali Ali from Sonny London, John Allison from 4Creative, Rebecca Williams from Turner Duckworth and Sally Campbell from Somesuch.

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