Online creative communities are here for you to join and beat Corona blues

Art by Ben the Illustrator

These Slack channels are waiting for you illustrators, agencies and creatives.

To use American parlance, an awful lot of Benjamins are being lost due to the Coronapocalypse, but here come two Benjamins from the UK creative scene to make things better.

First up, illustrators here, there and everywhere are being encouraged to join a private group on free work chat app Slack, as set up by Ben the Illustrator only a few hours ago but with over a 100 members and counting. Details below.

The community has been set up to help employees with health, opportunities and regrouping for the future. DM Ben on Twitter for quick entry to the group with your email addresses; if you don't use Twitter, pass a message onto us using digitalartsnews(at) and we'll pass your email address along.

Ben's Slack group comes inspired by Fiasco Design creative director Ben Steers, who this morning set up one for agency owners and directors to share info and resources. Download Slack here; it's fun, easy to use, and used by countless workplaces.

If you are worried about how the pandemic will affect your financial situation, then just remember the community has your back.

Also consider there may be gigs coming soon in spreading public awareness of the disease and complications arising from it. We're talking posters, flyers, signage; they may come about because of bad reasons but designers and artists will be needed to make information as striking as possible in order to help lives.

Animators should also be aware that their expertise may be needed as fewer photographers and video makers are available to go out in public for shoots.

Illustrators may also step in for photographers, just as they did for Vogue Italia recently by creating some gorgeous magazine covers.

Motion graphics makers may also be needed to 'spice' up forthcoming live streams of all those conferences and product launches that are now going to be virtual only
. A camera pointing at a stage with no audience may need a little window dressing, and that's where 3D animation, mo-cap and FX can all come in. 

You'll also have more time to learn new creative skills, ones which may bolster your profile in the long run. And hell, why not teach others a new skill? There'll be plenty of people at home who can take an online class.

Finally, remember that design teams can still function together remotely using tools, good scheduling and common sense. Find all the advice you need here.

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