Lord Puttnam, Neville Brody, Hyper Island founder & more debate the future of creative education

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On May 21, the D&AD is holding a major debate on the future of creative education in the UK.

Earlier this year, a coalition of creative industry and cultural bodies claimed a victory as the government abandoned plans to side line art and design in secondary education. But just two months after the announcement, the curriculum has been criticised with claims that it is prioritising 'life skills' over art and design disciplines.

The education agenda has been dominated over the past year by the government’s plans to overhaul the school curriculum and examination system. A panel of the most senior thinkers in the creative industry will discuss the impact of these policies on the vital talent pool that fuels our globally competitive services sector.

The creative industry, which includes design, advertising and architecture, represents one of the most buoyant parts of the UK economy. Its steady growth made up a major part of the services export sector that recently prevented the UK slipping in a dreaded triple dip recession.

Yet with rising tuition fees, parents and students are choosing university subjects they perceive as safer paths to a career – business, law, sciences. Will the steady decent of art and design down the curriculum hierarchy confound this issue and deprive the creative sector of its most precious future resource? Or are the innovations already taking place inside the industry better suited to produce the next generation of creative stars?

At the debate, Lord David Puttnam (above top, on far right, at the D&AD's White Pencil event in November last year) will join a panel chaired by Jonathan Freedland of The Guardian. The panellists include Neville Brody (above, bottom), dean of the School of Communications at the RCA and D&AD president; Emily Campbell, director of programmes at the Creative Education Trust; David Erixson, founder of Hyper Island; and Dave Birss, founder of creative training agency Additive.

The event takes place at 7pm at Logan Hall at the Institute of Education in London.

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