How George McCallum is getting his (2-metre-long) foot in the door at top London agencies

George McCallum has made a metaphor real in this unconventional way to get himself noticed by ad agencies.

Despite garnering a lot of media attention for his grad show work, George McCallum has found finding a job in the creative sector difficult – so he decided to try to new way to literally 'get his foot in the door'.

The creative works with a variety of materials – from wood to cake – to produce three-dimensional illustrations around concepts and topics. So to get himself noticed, he created a a two-metre-long trainer and pushed it around to six London agencies including Mother and Wieden + Kennedy. He then created videos of what happened, soundtracked by jingles created by Adam 'and Joe' Buxton.

"I like to do things that provoke a response, playing with words and images is something I find fun and using whatever material best fits the brief," says George. "The big challenge in London is to find the 'cut through' which get's you noticed, I hope my 'foot in the door' might do just that."

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